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Screen Canberra’s bespoke student programs for developing skills & knowledge, whilst completing your tertiary education, with likeminded people

Applications Closed Reopening in 2023, please Contact Us for more information

Are you a current tertiary student looking to further your industry skills and knowledge, or are you simply looking to complete competencies? Enrol for Screen Canberra’s Internship Program & Work Place Learning.

The Internship Program & Work Place Learning has been specifically designed for current tertiary students. The program allows participants to complete competencies and to further develop their screen industry skills & knowledge, while also providing students with an opportunity to network with likeminded people.

Interns and Work Place Learning applicants are welcome to join the program for a period of time, or for a specific project. Contact us for more information.


Mitch Maher Photography
Emma Eichler Film & Media Production
Connor Mcrae Film & Media Production
Russell Lee Film & Media Production
Chris Hurley Film & Media Production
Reece Passchier Film & Media Production
Rachael O’neil Film & Media Production
Ryan Towler Film & Media Production