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AUSTIN Preview Screening at NFSA

On Wednesday 29 May, we had the incredible opportunity to host a preview screening of the international comedy series AUSTIN.

The event was attended by co-creator Darren Ashton and star Michael Theo, as well as local industry, media and government.

Filmed predominantly in the Australian Capital Territory, AUSTIN not only highlights the scenic beauty of Canberra but also underscores the vast pool of talent and creativity our region has to offer. Supported by the ACT Government and Screen Canberra through both the CBR Screen Attraction Fund and the CBR Screen Investment Fund, AUSTIN stands as a shining example of our thriving screen industry’s capabilities. The production has not only showcased our beautiful city but has also been instrumental in providing numerous training and employment opportunities for local professionals, significantly boosting the region’s economy.

The series features an impressive cast, including UK comedy icons Ben Miller and Sally Phillips, Australian favourites Gia Carides and Roy Billing, and introduces Michael Theo in his acting debut. With such a stellar lineup, AUSTINpromises to capture the hearts of audiences across Australia.

Make sure you tune in to catch this wonderful blend of humour and local flair.

Premiere Details: Sunday, 9 June at 8pm on ABC TV and ABC iview. 

Prepare to enjoy a series full of laughs and a healthy dose of Canberra pride as this eight-part series unfolds on the screen.