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Formerly known as the ACT Screen Arts Fund (ACTSAF), ARTS ACTIVITIES FUNDING is now delivered by ARTSACT.


This fund provides support for Canberra artists, groups and organisations to undertake arts activities including creating new work, professional or skills development, mentoring, residencies, and community arts and cultural development and engagement. 

Applications Open

Activities can be across a range of artforms including dance, digital, literature, music, new media, screen, theatre, visual arts, and arts-based festivals. 

Funded activities must strongly meet one or more of the following three strategies: 

  • Create amazing art and culture – everywhere, at any time and for everyone 
  • Develop arts, cultural and creative industry, practice, and facilities – supporting creation and culture at all levels, via any path 
  • Promote our arts and culture – to attract artists and creators, arts workers, visitors and investment. 


Funding categories 

Arts Activities Funding is available through two categories: 

  • Up to $5k Funding: open all year round. 
  • $5-50k Funding: two rounds per year (see details below) 

For 2022-23, there is budget of approximately $900,000 available for Arts Activities across the two categories. Some $180,000 will be available for the Up to $5k category over the year, and some $720,000 will be available for the two $5-50k rounds. These amounts may vary depending on demand and the number of successful applications. 

Up to $5k for smaller projects, available all year round. 

  • Requests can be from $500 to $5,000. Given high demand for limited funds, requests for $5,000 need to be thorough applications with significant benefits to the applicant. 
  • Applications can be made at any time but must be submitted at least six weeks before the activity start date. 
  • Applications are assessed by artsACT staff. External peers may be consulted if required. 
  • Applicants can only receive funding in this category once each calendar year, except in exceptional circumstances. 
  • Applicants may also apply to the $5-50k category, for a different activity or another stage of the Up to $5k activity. 

$5-50k for larger projects, available twice a year. 

  • Requests can be from over $5,000 to $50,000. 
  • There will be two rounds each financial year with set opening, closing and announcement dates. 
  • Round One opens annually on 1 June and closes 31 July with announcements made by 31 October for activities to commence from 1 December. 
  • Round Two opens annually on 1 December and closes 28 February with announcements made by 30 May for activities to commence from 1 July. 
  • Applications are peer assessed. 
  • Applicants can only receive funding in this category once each calendar year. 
  • Applicants may also apply for the Up to $5k category for a different activity or another stage of the $5k to $50k activity. 
  • Applications close at 5.00pm. Where the closing date falls on a weekend or public holiday, it will close on the next business day.